Auto Glass Services

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Chip Repair

A damaged windshield looks terrible and impedes your vision on the road. Getting it fixed is simple, especially if the damage is contained to a small area. A quick chip repair may be all you need.

Windshield Installation

Should you need to replace the entire windshield, we can remove the windshield and add windshield film so you can drive temporarily until it’s repaired. We work with most local body shops to repair windshields.

Mobile Services

Need us to come to you? No problem. Just give us a call and we’ll run out to your location. If you need service during emergency hours, check our contact page for more information.

Emergency Vacuums

When glass breaks it can be quite messy. It’s important to clean it up right away to prevent further injury and allow you to get back in your vehicle. We have emergency vacuums we can bring to you if needed.


We can put film in any glass hole except windshields.

Door Glass

We do more than just windshield repair. We can repair your door windows as well. Manual, or automatic windows, doesn’t matter. Whatever windows you need replaced, we can handle it.

Custom Glass Cutting

We have worked with several collector car owners, and custom builds. Tracking down custom pieces and getting them installed can be difficult on your own. We can cut custom glass pieces to fit your needs and install them for you.

Exterior Mirrors

Mirrors that sit outside the vehicle can be damaged or broken for a variety of reasons. They’re essential to your driving safety and the safety of others. We are able to repair your external mirrors quickly to get you back on the road.


Have a leak in one of your window seals? No problem. We have the tools and materials to quickly patch you up, get you back on the road, and keep you dry and warm.

Reattach Defrost Tabs

Defrosters can sometimes fail due to the tabs coming loose from the rest of the defrosting lines and equipment. We have the tools and expertise to re-attach these tabs, restoring your defrosting features.

Rear-View Mirror Attachment

The rear-view mirror is held to your windshield by a special epoxy. Sometimes, due to heat, cold, and other conditions, this epoxy can fail, and you no longer have a key mirror in place. We can re-attach these mirrors for you.

Rear Defroster Grid Repair

Your rear defroster can sometimes fail, but the lines themselves are fine. We have special equipment we can attach to those lines in a grid-like manner to re-enable those lines to function properly again.

Auto-Glass Tinting

We tint standard and custom windows of any shape and size. Contact us for more details on pricing and the types of tint provided.

Anti-Collision Camera Recalibration

Many anti-collision camera systems rely directly on window and windshield placement. As a result, we’ve become experts at re-calibrating this equipment when we repair windows and windshields.